Sea FreightFor hazardous/non hazardous cargo

We cater for all kinds of sea import/ transport to any place in the world. Shipments include the following:

  • Packed and Bulk shipments
  • Heavy and Dangerous loads,
  • Perishable products in Reefer/ Controlled Temperature Containers.

Thanks to our extensive network of partners we can meet your needs in each and every stage of transport procedures:

  • We specialize in customs brokerage for both import and export,
  • A full container type and loading list is available at request  (FCL/ LCL/ High Cube/ Open Top/ Flat Rack),
  • Controlling and Inventory Services,
  • Packing and Warehousing services,
  • Track and Trace capability

Thanks to the lengthy experience of its personnel and the solid network of trading partners, SKG Thessaloniki Cargo Services are able to address any request as well as provide all possible solutions regarding air transport. We serve a wide range of specialized transport, involving:

  • Urgent ships and aircraft spare parts (AOG),
  • Perishable items (fruits and vegetables, meat etc.)
  • IATA Dangerous Goods,
  • All aspects of electronic equipment and raw material,
  • Live Animals (AVI),
  • Personal Effects
Above list is by no means exhaustive. Contact us no matter how specialized your transports needs are.

Effective transport and handling of your merchandise is a crucial factor to success. At SKG Thessaloniki Cargo Services we cover your needs by providing you:

  • Customs brokerage services for both import and export,
  • Partial  (LTL) or Full Truck Loading,
  • Packed and Bulk shipments,
  • Refrigerated and Controlled Temperature options
  • Controlling and Inventory Services,
  • Packing and Warehousing services,
  • Track and Trace capability

At SKG Thessaloniki Cargo Services we associate the constant research for the best and most competitive rates along with combined/ multimodal transport options. Combined air/ sea/ road transport options not only tend to beat down on costs, but are also environmentally friendly.
Here are a few facts about combined transport that can affect your daily transactions and inspire you on how to save on time and money:

“The outcome of combined transport development


In todays globalized economy nearly everything is valued in terms of profitability, whether it’s development, creativity or organization. The coordination of transport networks can be of real and sizeable benefit to a country that can even amount to billions of euros.
Recent studies have shown that a days delay in cargo delivery augments transportation cost by 0,6% to 2,3% in relation to the nature of goods. This extra cost has an impact on either the final product price or on labour costs.  The development of a new model around combined transport will have an impact on both import and export of goods, products and raw material through international trade; It will also affect wages, living conditions and the total economic status of a country. It may have a positive effect on the direction of the productive and economic model of a country and on the redistribution of the GNP in favour of internationally tradeable goods and services”’.

* Yannis Metaxiotis, M.Sc. Economist.

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