Commercial transportation can be a real challenge in an ever changing world of shifting rates, justified or unjustified costs and multiple demands in terms of security and safety.

At SKG Thessaloniki Cargo Services we keep a constant eye on these changes so that you can focus exclusively on your own business. Thoughtful choice of external partners in the field of Logistics allows us to suggest a wide range of choices based on adequate and cost effective solutions, in accordance to your proper needs.

Additional Services

Works of art and museum exhibits are subject to special transportation requirements which demand a high degree of preparedness.  The uniqueness of each object calls for special handling in each stage of the transport process.

At “SKG Thessaloniki Cargo Services” planning and securing optimal transport conditions to and from the exhibition area are key factors to our philosophy.

Our network of experts provide the following services:

  • Planning, Carriage, customs brokerage
  • Personnel specialized in art expositions
  • Wide choice of packaging options
  • Installation and removal of exhibits
  • Optimal routing
  • Insurance advice

The process of relocation in all its forms has its own peculiarities when it comes to the mapping of carriage volume and requires special care in accordance to the nature of your household goods or your professional equipment.

Whether it’s your personal items or the complete transfer of your household goods from Greece to abroad any place in the world or vice versa, our company takes care of every detail in the whole process.

The effective planning of your professional rthe relocation of your professional activities  can change the shape and the course of your business. In many cases the relevant procedures are not initiated in a timely manner in time, resulting in difficult and stressful situations. Our company endeavors in order to ensure the smooth processing of your activities throughout the duration of relaying among the best deadlines. Our primary concern is to see that optimal status of your business activity is maintained throughout the execution of a precisely defined timetable of relocation procedures.

The removal procedures planning goes through the following stages:

  • Weight & Volume Estimation. An expert will contact you to schedule an appointment at your place in order to conduct a survey regarding the size and weight of your shipment.
  • Packaging. Our partner provides you with advice and makes packing suggestions in relation to your specific needs.
  • Carriage. The most suitable transport method is chosen and your shipment is being closely monitored through all stages.
  • Arrival. All necessary procedures are carried out (e.g. customs clearance) followed by goods delivery.
  • Checking – Confirmation – Supplementary Assistance. Upon completion and verification of the correct course of removal procedures, further advice is provided where needed.

Practically speaking, we are at your disposal to design a solution regarding perfectly fitted to your needs by taking care of the package all relocation aspects, from packing suggestions to insurance coverage. from the moment of packaging until the moment of the insurance coverage.

SKG Thessaloniki Cargo Services” responds promptly to challenging transport requests for quick and prompt delivery of packages and envelopes.

We specialize in all critical aspects of urgent delivery such as:

  • Urgent pickup and delivery of shipments
  • Live human organs and tissues
  • Critical parts for the medical, construction and high technology industries
  • Confidential and valuable items.

We assume the fiscal representation of companies based outside the Greek territory that are fully active within it. Our deep knowledge and understanding of all regulations concerning relative transactions enable us to guarantee the smooth and efficient processing of all procedures linked to the establishment of relevant business activities, with regard to both Customs and Accounting prerequisites.

How can we help you?

Our experienced partners will help you over all aspects of the transportation

We rely on a wide network of well-established collaborators in the field of exhibitions