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SKG Thessaloniki Cargo is a new Freight Forwarding and Logistics company, which combines its dynamic entry in the field of domestic and international transport with the lengthy experience of its personnel. We specialize in all aspects of commercial shipment within the ever changing context of global economic interdependency.

Basic principles

  • Customer needs in focus: Client satisfaction is what drives and inspires us in our constant effort to turn needs into solutions and desire into reality.

Speed, Flexibility and Adaptability achieved by means of:

  • Our extended partners’ network which enables us to promptly respond to any demands and requests at any stage of your products’ transport.
  • Our constant research for alternatives uniquely adapted to your particular needs. We specialize in all aspects of air, sea and road transport.
  • Our constant concern to keep up with the latest evolution and change in the fields of domestic & international transport.

Coverage for every need of carriage and storage,

  • in width: whether it is a commercial or a personal effects shipment we can equally provide you with top services,
  • in depth: from your doorstep to wherever you desire, we fulfill all intermediate procedures (mission tracking, customs brokerage for import/ export etc.)

All services are provided in the most competitive prices and in the spirit of Directness, Reliability and Consequence which are the key factors to our way of thinking.


Different Networks


Different countries until now


Constantly increased number of satisfied customers
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Give us a chance to transport whatever you want wherever you want


Thanks to our reliable and ever developing network of partners we can arrange item pickup from Greece and abroad, in and out of the EU on a daily basis and in full accordance to your needs.

Worldwide Integrated Services

Customs Brokerage Services

Our deep understanding and extensive know-how of all procedures to be followed for the maximum benefit to your business ensure total coverage of any possible issues concerning your business’s Import & Export activity. We handle in the most efficient way shipments requiring composite planning such as Exhibits for the Thessaloniki International Trade Fairs (Agrotika, Infacoma, Thessaloniki International Fair by Helexpo), Athens Branch Exhibitions , museums that are found in Thessaloniki (State Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Byzantine Culture e.t.c.) and also imports of personal effects and household goods.



International trade fairs are a key opportunity for entrepreneurial success. Their outcome is closely connected to the successful organization of your…

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Commercial transportation can be a real challenge in an ever changing world of shifting rates, justified or unjustified costs and multiple demands in terms of security and safety.

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Commercial transportation can be a real challenge in an ever changing world of shifting rates, justified or unjustified costs and multiple demands in terms of security and safety.

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The process of relocation in all its forms has its own peculiarities when it comes to the mapping of carriage volume and requires special care in accordance to the nature of your household goods or your professional equipment.

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Τα έργα τέχνης και τα μουσειακά εκθέματα υπόκεινται σε ιδιαίτερο καθεστώς μεταφοράς, το οποίο απαιτεί υψηλό βαθμό ετοιμότητας για τη διαχείριση της εξαιρετικά ευαίσθητης αυτής αποστολής.

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We assume the fiscal representation of companies based outside the Greek territory that are fully active within it.

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